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From Campus to Construction Sites: A Civil Engineering Student's Story of Growth and Achievement

Civil engineering student

Civil engineering student Kajetan Naworol '25 established a well-rounded approach to life at the University of Hartford by balancing academic excellence, extracurricular engagement, and his pursuit of industry experience.

Choosing civil engineering was a natural fit for Kajetan, driven by his desire to work outdoors and analyze the built environment. His specific interest lies in bridge inspection and design, which he considers the most challenging aspect of civil engineering.

“As a civil engineer, part of one’s job includes inspecting building sites, construction, etcetera, and that has always fascinated me” he shared.

After coming to the University of Hartford, Kajetan joined the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to further his engineering skills. Within ASCE, Kajetan and his team are currently designing a model suspension bridge made entirely of concrete and cables. The challenge includes creating a rebar cage for support columns by soldering thick gage wires into a rectangular prism of the correct dimensions.

The college focuses on a hands-on approach to learning, especially in engineering. I believe this to be essential to really understanding how each industry works, rather than just learning from theory."

Kajetan Naworol '25, Civil Engineering, CETA

Off-campus, Kajetan is gaining valuable industry experience as an intern at Zuvic Infrastructure Solutions, a small civil and environmental firm in Rocky Hill, CT. His internship involves inspecting a massive solar farm under construction in North Stonington, CT, where he evaluates erosion and sediment disturbances, ensuring the project's environmental sustainability. If he discovered any problems, he would inform the contractor and make sure to include it in a report.

When asked how the internship is helping him prepare for a career post-graduation, Kajetan explained, “I was literally doing exactly what the engineer who was training me did. Every day when I wasn’t on-site inspecting, I would be given tasks to perform in AutoCAD, and while it was simple drafting work, it gave me the firsthand engineering design work I was looking for.”

Kajetan is passionate about pursuing internships to gain a practical understanding of engineering design work. He often attends the University career fairs, which have allowed him to network with industry professionals, make valuable connections, and showcase his resume. Most notably, Kajetan acknowledges the support provided by professors like Todd Brown, who hosts a weekly Career Club aiming to help civil engineering students secure internships and jobs.

“The college focuses on a hands-on approach to learning, especially in engineering. I believe this to be essential to really understanding how each industry works, rather than just learning from theory” he shared.

Beyond academics, Kajetan enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, including skiing, working on his car and dirt bike, playing tennis, and staying active. He is also a member of the UHart club men’s soccer team, stating “I enjoy campus life and doing extracurricular activities with my friends. There is no shortage of fun things to do on campus, and I really believe that is important for a great time in college.”

After graduation, Kajetan plans to join a civil engineering firm to work full-time as a civil engineer, focusing on designing and inspecting bridges across the state.